Moments to Remember, by Nicole | Baby and Milestone Portraits

Baby and Milestone Portraits

Creating a time line of memories allows you to visually journal your family's relationship with each other and allows you to note the subtle changes of growth, development and personality.  Let Moments to Remember, by Nicole provide you with an affordable yet beautiful account of your special moments together.

Stage 1:  Newborn to Baby

This time is so special and goes so quickly.  Every day is a first.  The first smile, first tooth, first words and first steps.  Be sure to take the time to capture these moments.

Age Newborn to 3 months:  This stage is about bonding and the closeness of the family.  It's also about recording the tiny features of your new baby.

Age 6 months:  Halfway through the first year.  Your baby has changed so much already.  Their personality is starting to come through.  Let's capture it!

Age 9 months:  Getting close to the first birthday.  Babies are becoming more aware of their surroundings and they are starting to become independent, which can make for some great pictures.

Age 12 months:  Congratulations!  You and your baby have been together for one year and hopefully, things are becoming easier now.  Your baby is on the move though; crawling, walking and climbing.  This is definitely a key milestone portrait.


Stage 2:  Toddler

Having a toddler is probably one of the most challenging and rewarding times in your child's early life.  Your toddler is changing every day and developing his/ her language, motor skills and moods.

Age 18 months:  Your baby is on the way to becoming a completely independent little person.  They are still connected with you but they are reaching for the future.  It's a great stage to capture because some pictures will show you that your little baby is there yet show you how much they have grown.

Age 2 years:  This stage is full of energy and delight.  Your child is testing boundaries and becoming more engaged in how the world works.  Everything is new and exciting.

Age 3 years:  Children are becoming more interactive at this stage, with the parents and other children around them.  Let's capture this playful stage in your child's development.

Age 5 years:  Many changes take place in your child's life but none as fun as documenting the time when your child starts losing their teeth.  Faces lose their babyish look and start to elongate.  It's a time when you realize that your toddler is becoming a child and they are developing a sense of maturity.

Age 7 years:  This is a great time to document the time between child and youth.  Choosing a location that is special to you and your family and/or utilizing props to help bring out your child's personality makes for some great pictures.


Stage 3:  Youth

This is the time in your family when everything gets turned upside down.  These are the beginning years when your child is trying to establish their own identity but a time when they still need and want the reassurance from Mom, Dad and extended family.

Age 10 years:  These years are often missed because of busy schedules.  Let's Moments to Remember, by Nicole help you with this by capturing this time at a special birthday party, sports event or hobby that they love.

Age 12 years:  This is the final portrait session before the teen years and a great time to capture the innocence.


Stage 4:  Young Adult

Young Adult is the final stage before your child becomes fully independent.  This is also a time where parents take fewer photographs at home, making it even more important to capture this time with a professional portrait.

Age 16 years:  Definitely a milestone in life!  Children start driving and thereby gaining a sense of independence.  Time with family is not a priority at this stage.  Make the time to capture your family as a whole...your child is on his/ her way to becoming an adult.

Age 17 or 18 years:  This is the time to celebrate and also a time for Senior/ Graduation Portraits.  Whether your child is interested in sports, music, drama or art, our Senior Sessions can reflect these interests with a contemporary touch.  The perfect time to do this is in the Spring or Summer before your teen is a High School Senior.


Thank you so much for considering Moments to Remember, by Nicole for all of these stages in life.  We would love the opportunity to be a part of your family and watch the changes with you, as your child grows.