Moments to Remember, by Nicole | Portraits of Children

Child Portraits

I absolutely love to photograph children because they remind of us of the important things in life.

I strive to capture the kind of images that hold emotion and remind us of the special moments together.  The best way to do this is to let the children run and play so that I can capture them in their element.  Hearing stories of how you view your child, the special things that you love about your child and hearing about your child's personality helps me to plan the photo session.  I try to do most of my portraits outdoors, especially with children.  Children are most real, pure and honest in environments where they can be free and it allows me to "play" with them too!  I can do photo sessions indoors though so if this is your preference, please let me know.

After the session, I will provide you with your own private web page (usually within 3 days).  This will contain images from the session and allow you to order your prints directly.  Your photos will usually arrive within 4 days and will be delivered directly to your door.  If the image is larger than 8x10 and/or if you aren't able to crop the image the way that you would like, please let me know and I will review it before you place your order and that you get the best quality picture.

As part of my "preserving memories", I am also available to put photo books, calendars and any other gifts, cards or keepsakes either from the images that I captured or from your personal collection.  I am happy to upload images that are not digital as well but this would be for an additional cost.  Please inquire about pricing.

I consider it an honor to photograph your family.  I put my heart into giving you the very best to capture this special moment in your lives with your children.  Photographs provide us with an opportunity to remember the special moments, people and places in our lives and I thank you for considering my services to do this for your family.

I hope to be working with you and your family soon!